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$ARRY Stock Market Trade Review 06/09/2022

Here is a review of a stock market trade for ARRY on 06/09/2022.
Published: 06/10/2022 8:37 am
Updated: 06/10/2022 8:43 am
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June 2022 | Money Placement


06/09/2022 08:51 amSHORTProfit: $0.64533333333333/share

ARRY had made a recent gap up, about 2 ATR, and was in a consolidation formation. Volume per day during the consolidation was decreasing, meaning that perhaps the buying momentum was decreasing. It was also more than an ATR above the SMA on the daily. It was gapping up today due to an increased analysis price target but not on significant volume. Yesterday it also had a red day where it lost about or just a little bit more than an ATR. All of this lead to the theory that it was due for a retracement. The open was a little volatile but tried to ensure entries above 14. After the majority of my entry, it did make a move to the upside, testing the 14.60 level. It did so on regular or possibly even light volume so I was still confident in the trade. It ended up fading throughout the day. Once it broke the 13.70 level, I placed a 10 cent trailing stop. It got triggered shortly after. In hindsight, could have perhaps got more profit with a wider stop, but best to lock it in while the profit is there.

Shares: 0-5milCatalyst: Positive Company NewsATR: 1.00 - 3.00Time Frame: 1 Minute
Volatile Open
Increasing Price ActionDecreasing RSIEntry Above VWAP
Exit Below VWAPTrailing Stop
ARRY Trade Review