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$BBIG $CDAK $BBBY Stock Watchlist 08/18/2022

$BBIG $CDAK $BBBY all made moves on 08/18/2022. Here is an analysis of the stock price action.
Published: 08/18/2022 12:48 PM
Updated: 10/11/2023 06:12 PM
$BBIG 0818

Vinco Ventures (BBIG)

Thu, Aug 18 2022, 07:33:57 GMT

BBIG resumed trading the other day after being halted for quite awhile. It has seen some decent volatility in the recent days because of that as well as its history for multiple ATR days. It has been strong in the extended hours, slowing grinding to the 1.85 level. Even without a direct company catalyst, it is worth watching due to the volatility.

$CDAK 0818

Codiak (CDAK)

Thu, Aug 18 2022, 07:39:18 GMT

CDAK gapped up without any clear catalyst. It's a low float that has been in a recent down trend so definitely one to watch for volatility today.

$BBBY 0818

Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY)

Thu, Aug 18 2022, 07:41:44 GMT

BBBY has seen a lot of trading with a lot of volatility over the past few days. It does fall into the meme stock category which to a certain degree means it is hard to chart trends. Any trades on this stock should be more about the price action intraday with hard stops.